The OpenMerit organization develops and publishes standards for the merit score.

A merit score is like a credit score for your accomplishments and contributions to society.

It's usually represented by a number between 200 and 1000, which represents your merit (your net contribution to society). The merit score is background agnostic, and is dynamic — it can fluctuate on a day-to-day basis based on your activities.

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Advanced Algorithms

Advanced algorithms analyze 500+ factors to determine your composite score.

Transparent System

See your own (or anyone else's) merit score for free. It's a completely open and transparent system.

Non-Profit Community

Our global community democratically decides how the merit score should be calculated.

How is it calculated?

Over 500 independent variables are analyzed to calculate your merit score. We look at academic performance -- everything from which college you attended, what you studied, and how you scored, to patents, papers, and academic achievements. We also analyze your career history including public performance reports when available.

OpenMerit is a non-profit open standards organization. That means that our community collectively decides which changes should be incorporated into each revision of the merit score standard. Committees of elected delegates periodically vote on community-proposed changes to the standard.

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